About Me

Imagine experiencing a truly soothing way to heal your mind, body, and spirit. I am a dedicated healer and graduated with Honors from HMI in clinical hypnotherapy.

I have exceptional intuition, which allows me to swiftly grasp insights into each client’s issue…

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Why Hypnosis

Homeostasis vs Neuroplasticity – These are the two key concepts for understanding why hypnosis can be the key ingredient for creating lasting behavioral changes and transforming important personal beliefs, self-image and automatic emotional responses. It is this understanding that explains why accessing the power of the subconscious mind has been the corner stone of healing in every culture throughout history.

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Free Phone Consultation

Private sessions are one-on-one sessions designed just for you. Appointments can be 60, 90 or 120 minutes in length. Private sessions can be in-person or via Zoom or Phone.

The sessions consist of talking, hypnosis, imagery, learning, goal setting and more.

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Suzan Brittan, CC.Ht.

Suzan Brittan, CC.Ht.

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist


I welcome you to join me on a journey of exploration into the natural healing properties of your mind, body and spirit. Whether it is the achievement of a personal improvement goal or the urgent need to find a healthy more fulfilling path, the therapeutic use of hypnosis, imagery and mindfulness is the most powerful resource I know to comfortably and efficiently assist you to achieve your goals. Call me for a free phone consultation to ask questions and explore further the potential of our partnership in success.


Suzan is an incredible soul and I’m so glad I took the chance to meet her! From the very first session, I had never felt so understood and cared about. I’ve worked with multiple therapists of all different approaches before but it’s pretty clear that Suzan has a magical gift for this kind of work.

She’s compassionate, attentive to detail and very intuitive. Shortly after I met her, I encountered various other obstacles in my life and I was beyond grateful to have her in my corner to help guide me through it. She went above and beyond to be there for me during a “crisis” state and I left feeling empowered and at peace.

I never felt alone through it because of her and words can’t even describe how grateful I felt to know I could reach out to her. While I have a decent support system, I struggle with a some unique situations and no one ever seemed to get what I was struggling with…even I couldn’t pinpoint where my problems were stemming from, but she just went straight to it and directly touched my soul in ways I’d forgotten existed.

Honestly if it weren’t for her, I don’t know if I would’ve been able to handle my life situations with as much grace as I did. She shifted my perspective and restored my sense of control over my life and its circumstances. She balances the fine line between telling me what I really need to hear while maintaining warmth so perfectly, which is so rare to find nowadays!

I can’t wait to be back and see her again. It’s beyond a relationship that feels “professional” or even dismissive – she’s so talented and kind she could really be doing anything she wants, so the fact that she chose to offer herself as a hypnotherapist to positively impact others in this way is truly such a beautiful gift and blessing for all of us that are looking for a way to shift things in our lives for the better. If she’s crossing your mind, don’t hesitate to book with her, she’s probably everything you’ve been looking for.

She actually cares and she’s as nurturing as she is beautiful!!! Thank you Suzan!

Mahpara K.

Sterling Heights, MI

2023 has been a very tragic year for me. So far, I have had a lot of grief to overcome. I am incredibly grateful for Suzan Brittan taking me on as a client. She is so attentive and caring and also very helpful. She is very passionate about what she does. She is someone that I trust and feel comfortable with. During our first meeting, she was able to calm me down and give me tools and strategies outside of hypnosis that helped me tremendously. After each session, I feel better and more confident. I can not begin to express in words how much Suzan has helped me. I do not feel as lost as I once did. I look forward to our sessions. Knowing that after our session, I will have a more positive outlook on life and confidence, I highly recommend Suzan Brittan she is a true angel.

Ann Marie H.

Dallas, GA

I was skeptical at first but Suzan walked me through the whole process. Answered all my questions and made sure I felt comfortable. My overall experience was amazing. I felt more confident and free from stress after seeing her. She is beautiful inside and out. Very patient, attentive, charming, and welcoming.

Arias M.

Los Angeles, CA

I worked with Suzan Brittan as my hypnotherapist. She is amazing as she has the most calming voice to help soothe any of your issues. I felt so relaxed and renewed after my session, and I look forward to my next visit with her.

Lori A.

Sherman Oaks, CA

I had the good fortune and Divine providence to have several Hypnotherapy sessions with Suzan Brittan, and it was an absolute revelation! After many years of traditional therapy, I made very little headway with my psychological issues,, but after just several sessions with Suzan, I made a breakthrough and poured deeply and effortlessly into my psyche and past wounds, including sexual abuse. She was a strong yet gentle healer and guide. I’m a big fan of both Suzan and Heal Yourself LA. She is an absolutely outstanding practitioner and Heal Yourself LA should be your second home. Now go get yourself healed!!

Daniel M.

La Quinta

I came to Suzan because I really liked her when we met and after reading Many Lives,Many Masters years ago I was fascinated with the idea and looking for a therapist I can trust However I never met a one until I met Suzan I personally think that she is very professional, deep, understanding and gentle I feel we were done with one of my issues in one session I felt very relaxed almost like after a week of vacation I still have stuff to work on:) Very very happy and will be back soon!

Rena C.

The lasting impact that my time with Suzan has given me is unparalleled. She has an exceptional ability to approach each personal goal with such care, understanding and positivity. She has helped me overcome past traumas and mend many relationships while holding such a safe space for my process. She has not only provided me a clean lens to approach life through, but such a strong foundation to build on. I am so beyond grateful for her services and give my full recommendation!

Brittany B.

The Trifecta of Hypnotherapy